Sneak Peek Time Again!

UPDATE:  The Sneak Peek Winner is zanthia.  zanthia please contact me at by March 5th to claim your kit.  Many thanks to everyone who played along!  🙂

So, here is this week’s sneak peek!ljs-snaphappy-peekFor your chance to win it just reply with your stance on the selfie, pro or con? I am middle of the road. I think selfies are fine, but when a body posts nothing but selfies day in and day out, I think it is time for an intervention. LOL

You can also reply on Facebook to double your chances to win. I will choose a two winners, one from here and one from the FB, on Friday.

Until then, live the moment.  Scrap the memory.


28 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Time Again!

  1. selfies by my kids, nieces, nephews, etc are nice to see … but I don’t have a smart phone, so my selfies with a regular camera just don’t come out good!

  2. I agree with you. When so much time and attention is spent pointing the lens on myself, my perspective if very self-involved. If I take the time to point the lens outward, my perspective shifts which can also lead to a much needed shift in my priorities. 🙂

  3. I say congratulations to all the new technologies and the Selfie is a new mode of communication, used intelligently, it certainly made happy in the younger generation. After everyone to be disciplined and respectful of others.

  4. I’m kind of middle of the road, too, about selfies. They’re ok some of the time, but moderation works well, lol. Your new kit looks amazing – love the colors! Thanks for a chance to win.

  5. a few selfies are ok especially with kids but not the duck lip ones trying to look sexy. They don’t. Thanks for the chance to win

  6. Depends on the circumstance. Selfie with my hedgies for my besties? Totally. But trying to get a photo for something more professional? Big camera and husband.

  7. I’m a middle of the roader, too. I admit to taking them, though mine never come out very well. I have seen some great ones and some ones that just make me shudder.

  8. I am the same as Donna P above == my arms are too short and I cannot take a selfie. And I’m glad too. Thanks Lorie for the chance to win this cute kit!!!

  9. I am neither pro nor con myself. I haven’t done one myself, but I don’t mind if you are on vacation or out with friends and no one will take your photo or no one else is around, then by all means better a selfie than no photo at all to commerate an event. Why leave someone out of a picture when a selfie might get everyone. I sure am not the kind to take a photo a day of myself, so that wouldn’t happen. A friend has done it when it was just me and her and I’m glad to have a picture than none at all. the new kit looks wonderful. thanks so much for the chance!

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