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Hello everyone. Team member La’Shawn here to bring you this week’s sneak peek. Right now, we are doing things a bit different. Make sure you go to LJS Digital Designs’ facebook page to enter to win. This week’s new release is so pretty and sweet!


Even as a mom of a son and Aunt to nothing but little boys, I need this kit! It is so cute! You want to know how to win this though, right? You just need to head over to LJS’s facebook page and leave a reply to the sneak peek post. Lorie wants to know about when you were little.

What did you dream of becoming when you grew up?

Lorie wanted to be a poet as far back as she can remember. How awesome is it that she actually wrote her first poem when she was four and still can recite it! I wanted to be a zoologist. I am still kinda obsessed with panda bears (hence the nickname Shawn Bear). I always wanted to work in a zoo and help animals. Not domesticated one. The big fun and somewhat scary ones!

Pretty simple right? Now it is your turn. Go over to FB and let us know what you wanted to be when you little. See you later this week with the full reveal!

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