Scrap Everything | The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

I don’t know about you, but I tend to scrap the highlights of my life. Passing on the all the fun, exciting, and good things that happened in my life time. Scrapbooking can be more than that though. Not everything in life is perfect. Not everything we go through is fun. Everyone has bad days, scary moments, people they miss, and days they just don’t feel like being positive.

Of course you can only scrap the fun and exciting. That is one of the great things about scrapbooking. It is your story. Tell it how you want. That being said, passing on those other stories (the bad and the ugly) tells the entire picture of your legacy.

Some people have trouble with that. I am stopping by today to help bring you some inspiration for just that. Show you some things to get those creative juices flowing. There are some great products in LJS Designs’ store to get those pages started. Let us start with some inspiration though!  Here are 3 layouts from Lorie’s creative team.


layout by Ella


layout by Barb

Amy (8)

layout by Amy

These are great examples of taking those moments you might not think of scrapping, and doing just that. Getting them on layouts, into galleries, and into books. Passing those memories down to your loved ones. I took a look around LJS Designs’ gallery to see what you guys have been scrapping. These are great examples of just what we are talking about.

You don’t always have to put a photo with these kind of layouts (or any layout you do for that matter). You don’t have to advertise what exactly it is you are going through. Sometimes scrapping is an emotional break. A cathartic task. This layout life is messy by breakingbrie is a great reminder to those not so perfect moments. A reminder to one’s self that you don’t have to be perfect. Your life doesn’t have to be perfect. Your scrapbooks don’t either!

Take a moment to read the journaling on this layout. I don’t know if I would have it in me to scrap something like this. Light From Within by coltsmom414 is beautiful. She took one of the saddest moments in life and scrapped it.

Some days just suck! Do you know what I mean?! First of this layout, bad day by breakingbrie is gorgeous! To take something like a terrible day and scrap it so beautifully is a great inspiration. Your bad day layouts don’t have to be doom & gloom. It is your layout, your life, and your feelings. Scrap it your way! Remember, It doesn’t have to be a kit designed to that theme.

Yes, most of our layouts are going to be a highlight reel of the positives. If you ever thought about scrapping the everything else though, do it! Pass on the everyday, the mundane, the good…the bad…and the ugly. Keep them for your eyes only. Share it with the world. Take the chance and use this hobby for not only memories, but catharsis purposes.

If you don’t know where to start with this kind of layout, there are some great LJS Designs you can use to do just that. Remember, don’t let themes and such hold you back. Take any kit and scrap away. I’ve taken the leg work out of finding those items just for the “good, bad, and ugly”.
Life Ain’t Always Beautiful

DigiChick | Scrap Stacks


 One Snarky Chick – Bad Day

DigiChick | Scrap Stacks


Winds of Change

DigiChick | Scrap Stacks

Do you have a layout where you scrapped just this? Link us up! We love to see what you are creating. Make sure you upload those layouts in LJS Digital Designs’ galleries. You never know when we might be lurking around. You might just be the inspiration for others and us!

Happy Scrapping!


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