Pennysaver Picks at The Digital Press!

Have you heard? Pennysaver launched earlier this week at The Digital Press and we already have a total of nearly 70 fantastic $1.00 items in just the first week of this month-long promotion, including five from me!

pennysaver picks

ljs-pf-aug2016-set1-600ljs-pf-aug2016-set2-600ljs-summersnark-600ljs-chillinandgrillin-ep600ljs-chillinandgrillin-pp600forever-logoI am releasing the following items in .pakit and .page forms in my Forever Shop today!

ljs-pf-aug2016-set1-4everljs-pf-aug2016-set2-4everljs-summersnark-4everljs-alittlebitcountry-bun-4everljs-alittlebitcountry-kit-4everljs-alittlebitcountry-elements-4everljs-alittlebitcountry-pp-4everljs-alittlebitcountry-cards-4everljs-alittlebitcountry-wordart-4everNext week I will be including a brand new Olympic themed freebie in my newsletter! If you love the Olympics like I do, you are not going to want to miss that, so sign up now!

Until next time, live the moment and scrap the memory!






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