New Release: Where Magic Happens Vol. 2

Happy Friday Everyone! This week I have the second in my Disney inspired series, Where Magic Happens. Volume 2 is an ode to Epcot and all the wonder to be found there.

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When creating Where Magic Happens Vol. 2, I was inspired by the sights, smells and taste of the World Pavillions found at Epcot. If you’re like me and love to explore the different country pavillions in the Word Showcase, sampling the food and drinks, buying one of a kind items and just enjoying the experience of traveling the world in one stop, then this is the kit for you! It’s got everything you need to scrap your Epcot Adventures.

Don’t have Disney photos? No problem.  This kit is also perfect for all the globe trotters in the group that have been to any of the following countries, Mexico, Norway, China, German, Italy, The United States, Japan, Morocco, France, The United Kingdom and Canada.

As always, you can purchase my products individually or get the papers and elements kitted together at a discounted price.

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And finally, I’ve taken all four packs and created a Bundle that is also discounted!

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Take a look at some of the beautiful layouts created by my team and the CT at The Digital Press.

I have new products in .pakit and .page format at my shop today too!

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The winner of this week’s Sneak Peek and a free version of Where Magic Happens Vol. 2 | Kit is Natalie Holmes Schmidt. Congratulations Natalie. Email me at to claim your kit! πŸ™‚

That’s it for me! I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of moments worth scrapping.











3 thoughts on “New Release: Where Magic Happens Vol. 2

  1. Could you list the templates that your team uses? Especially love the template on the first example from Canada! Thanks!

    • Hi Tina,

      I am not sure of all the templates my team has used, but I took a minute to look up the Canada layout in my gallery at The Digital Press, and the layout artist, Corrin does not list a template, so I am thinking it is her own composition. πŸ™‚

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