A Sweet Sneak Peek

Good morning scrappers. Team member La’Shawn here to bring you this week’s sneak peek. It is a darling one! I was a new mom to a little baby boy when I got into digital scrapbooking. Looking around to find something to put those sweet baby moments down to save for the future. My kiddo is 7 now. I still have a soft spot for baby kits. You gotta chance to win this kit!! Here is the sneak peek and below your chance to win it.


Lovely isn’t it?! Now, for your chance to win. Make sure you head over to LJS Designs’ facebook page to enter. All you have to do tell us something about you as a baby. Me, I was born a month early. My mom spent the whole day shopping for me to come the following month. She walked herself into labor! Lorie? She was a blue baby, which means she was not breathing when she was born. (The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and choked her with each push.) She was also a foot breech and her mom’s last child. I cannot say that I blame her!

There you go scrappers. Make sure you tell us about you as a baby over at LJS DESIGNS’ FACEBOOK PAGE. Check back later this week to see this in all it’s glory and tomorrow for some inspiration for you journaling. Happy Scrapping!

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