Hello! Just popping in quickly to remind you of the Pennysaver Event at The Digital Press. It’s week three and there are over 175 items on sale for $1.00 each, including these ones from me!pennysaver picks

ljs-rio2016-ep600ljs-rio2016-pp600ljs-sf-atthepark-ep-600ljs-sf-atthepark-pp-600ljs-sf-atthepark-cards-600ljs-sf-atthepark-wa-600ljs-keepingtabs-3x4-600ljs-pf-aug2016-set1-4everljs-pf-aug2016-set2-4everljs-summersnark-4everljs-chillinandgrillin-ep600ljs-chillinandgrillin-pp600As August draws to a close, so do these deals, so don’t delay. Go shop today! 🙂

One last thing before I go. Check out my new template series and next Pennysaver release, 2 Sides 2 Every Story | Set 1.

coming soonljs-2sides2everystory-set1-600Look for this set to hit the shop on Tuesday, August 23rd.

Until next time, Live the moment and scrap the memory!




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