2 Sides: 30 Days of Gratitude and Photo Focus 2019: November

This week Lorie has 2 brand new template sets for you. 2 Sides: 30 Days of Gratitude is perfect for documenting your 30 Days project for the month of November or for documenting any event you have a lot of photos for. It’s also time for the November installment of the Photo Focus 2019 series. With the holiday season approaching, both of these template packs will come in handy to help you get all your holiday memories scrapped in a flash. 

A digital scrapbooking pack by LJS Designs, 2 Sides: 30 Days of Gratitude will let you document all your blessings this month. I’ve always loved the idea of doing the 30 Days of Gratitude project, but I just don’t have the time to do a layout a day. If you’re like me, this 4 page set is the perfect solution. Just pop in a single photo, journal what your are thankful for and why, and you’re done for the day. Easy peasy, right?!

A digital scrapbooking pack by LJS Designs, Photo Focus 2019: November, is part of my popular monthly pocket template series known for their big photo spaces, word art and other fun bits and pieces. The November 2019 set still has the big photo spots and word art that are the mainstay of series, plus all the other fun bits and pieces that make monthly pocket scrapping quick, easy and beautiful. This year I have added a some new frames, my team is crazy for the slide frame, and more journal prompts and spots to help you tell your full story fast, easy and beautifully.

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Thanks for joining us this week. As we head into the holiday season ahead, be sure to slow down and breathe. Take lots of photos and just ‘be’ in the moment. 

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